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Fed Pivot on the Horizon?

As the Federal Reserve gears up for its meeting next week, could the financial community get thrown a curveball that could hint at a rate cut sooner than projected? Central to this debate are the dual mandates of the Fed: controlling inflation and maintaining full employment. But with recent data indicating a softening in the […]

Traveling Back to the 1970’s

They say history repeats itself. Do you have a penchant for bellbottom jeans and the nostalgic hiss of eight-track tapes? If so, you might find the economic echoes of the 1970s particularly resonant today. That decade was defined by a term that made every economist shudder: stagflation, a perplexing combination of stagnant economic growth and […]

The American Debt Dilemma

In the labyrinth of global economics, the United States stands at a precarious junction, its path laden with debt – a word that has become as commonplace in our fiscal vocabulary as it is misunderstood. At the heart of this issue lies a fundamental misconception: the notion that the Treasury, much like a magician with […]